Sue Williams Brawn

I am a professional  personal development and ADHD coach. I’ve dedicated my middle years to embracing change and pursuing a more meaningful path. Now I  empower others of all ages do the same.  In addition to providing one-on-one and group coaching,  I  facilitate workshops for individuals and corporations on a range of topics.

I believe  great coaching is about transformation, not just information, and that we all have the ability to transform our lives with the right support. My  clients say they value my ability to ask thought provoking questions, to truly hear them, and to value wisdom over knowledge.  They appreciate my talent for asking insightful questions that allow them  to move past places where they’ve been stuck, whether it’s  about relationships, midlife, or living with ADHD.  My passion is for helping my clients take the blinders off to discover possibilities they haven’t seen before.

After I completed my coach training in 2011, I  created Fresh Start,  a coaching practice focusing on personal development.   I’m  a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF). I also have training in MMSR (Mindfulness Meditation Stress Reduction).   And in 2015, I  had a lot of fun hosting Fresh Start, a weekly radio program about midlife transition, on the VoiceAmerica network

Additionally, I have the distinction of being trained  as an ADHD coach by ADDCA, (the only program recognized by the ICF to provide this specialized training).  I’m currently  pursuing credentialing as an advanced ADHD coach, and I’ll  be the only coach in my part of the country with this designation.  I am also the first ADHD coach to be contracted by CanLearn Society, a nonprofit that supports kids and adults with learning disabilities and ADHD.  And, I am an “ADD’er”  and the mom of an “ADD’er”  and I’ve grown to embrace and be grateful for my unique brain wiring,  with  deep appreciation for the tremendous gifts it has brought to my life.  In addition to coaching and  learning,  I enjoy being a mom to two wonderful teenage boys and enjoying many of the adventures life has to offer.