ADHD Coaching


The Value of Having a Qualified ADHD Coach on Your Side

If you’re considering investing in a coach, consider this – ADHD comes with a high price tag you’ve likely been paying for years.  From parking tickets and overdue fees, to addictions and impulse spending, lost years in education, lost career opportunities, and lost relationships – there’s an incredibly high cost when ADHD traits are running the show.  Investing in coaching is making an investment in yourself with a lifelong payoff. And if no one has said this to you before – I’m saying it now. You are so worth it.

If You Have ADHD, You Experience Two Distinct Challenges

One obstacle “ADDers” face is when a dominantly “neuro-typical” (i.e. normal) world gets in our way – we’re expected to do things in ways that don’t work for our unique brain wiring.  Many ADDers do not experience concepts – such as time – in the way others do.   Living up to the expectations of the world can feel boring or exhausting. We need to create our own ways to make it work for us.

The second kind of challenge happens when we get in our own way.  The traits related to our unique brain wiring interfere with reaching our potential.  We have a lot to offer but our difficulty with a whole range of executive functions such as time management, planning and organising, impulsivity, emotional sensitivity, procrastination, hyperactivity or inattentiveness can get us off track.

Focusing on Strengths and Strategies Overcomes Challenges

Every leading ADHD expert –Dr.’s  Ned Hallowell, Thomas Brown, Russell Barkley, and the award- winning site – endorse coaching as an incredibly effective approach for individuals with ADHD. They agree – pills aren’t enough. Skills aren’t enough.  So what’s special about ADHD coaching?

As a professionally trained ADHD coach, I know that while those of us with this unique brain wiring face challenges, we can also tap into a huge storehouse of potential when we use proven strategies in combination with our strengths.  I work with my coaching clients to educate them about their own ADHD, and together we design individualized strategies using a positive, strengths-based approach.

Please note –An official assessment of ADHD isn’t required to be coached. And if you do decide you want an assessment, or I think it would be useful to you, I’ll point you in the right direction.

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