Thoughts On Midlife Crises, Growing Pains & Opportunity

“Midlife – when the universe grabs your shoulders and says “I’m not effing around! Use the gifts you were given!” – Dr. Brene Brown 

Is midlife – that vague phase that happens sometime after the age of 40 – a time when we are most likely to face a crisis? Or are our mid-life crises, really wonderful opportunities in disguise?

I see midlife as a time that opens up completely new possibilities in our lives –  when the career is established, the kids are growing or grown, the home is purchased – in short, all those things that consumed us for so many years are established, and a nagging voice inside us starts to ask, “Really…. is this all there is?”

Sure, some people never get that call – or maybe they just don’t bother to listen, and they’ll cruise right on past. Others will buy the red convertible,  go on the trip, or the diet – make outward changes.

But many of us start to search for something more substantial. Some of us realize we have arrived at a crossroads and want real, lasting change.  Still others are forced to change when their circumstances alter – thru job loss, or a divorce. They just might not be too sure how to go about it.

This is where a coach can really help. A good coach will support you in seeing your possibilities through fresh eyes and discovering the new opportunities you might otherwise miss.

As a coach, I  see my coachees’ crises – midlife and otherwise – as a signal that someone is suddenly open to seeing possibilities that they never really considered before. Life has a way of forcing our hand.

So keep your eyes open and look for the amazing opportunities that might be presenting themselves in your own crisis. And if you aren’t sure how to negotiate the path, consider what a great travelling companion a personal coach could be.