Personal Development Coaching

Personal development occurs when you decide to stop letting life make choices for you, and discover who you are, identify what you really want, and create the life you choose.

Sometimes in life, the time is right to follow a new path. And sometimes, life is pushing us to make a change, and our natural inclination is to resist it. It can be hard to know where to start on our own….Why?  Because as individuals, we can never see all our own possibilities.

Fresh Start Coaching offers a way to see your possibilities through fresh eyes.  As my coaching client, you become a whole new observer of yourself. Once you can do this, you truly will be off to a fresh start!

Coaching is much more than a lot of talk. It’s not about advice or “how-to”.  With the support of my coaching, you have the ability to see your possibilities and create the life you desire.  And what’s more, you will discover exactly what you need to do to take you there.

It begins with one simple question – What would you like to create in your life that hasn’t seemed possible so far?

The process is straightforward – I ask questions that tap deep into your inner awareness and shift you to a new way of looking at your life. You become a new, impartial observer of you and replace beliefs that no longer serve you with new ones.  Then, as a team, we will create practices that allow you to move in your desired direction.

Coaching can take place around any topic, but many of my clients are in the process of redefining themselves in midlife and encountering challenges, particularly in redefining meaning and purpose in work and at home, and in maintaining relationships or creating new ones.