ADDer’s and the People Who Love Them (meetup group)

Are you, or someone you care about – Disorganized? Challenged with time management? Struggling to get started on, or complete tasks? Easily Distracted? Emotionally Sensitive? Impulsive? Frequently off-track when talking or interrupting?  Can’t identify priorities? 

This is a group for people who struggle with executive functions (also known as Attention Deficity/Hyperactivity Disorder traits), and the people who care about them – parents, partners and other family members. This is a coaching/support group that meets every second Thursday evening. It’s a safe, welcoming environment to talk about the challenges of living with this unique brain wiring – and more importantly, how we can identify and use our strengths and put strategies in place to make it work for us, not against us, so that we can create the life we choose.

Please visit the Meetup Page or email me at for more information. (If you don’t want to join, you can still join the group)

Personal Development

The following are several of the workshops I offer. Contact for information about upcoming workshops, dates, locations and prices, or to arrange for a personalized workshop presentation for your group.

Dating 101 – Relationship Readiness

Are you thinking about starting to date, or have you tried, and become mystified, frustrated or discouraged?  If so, this is for you!  This program is designed to be an extended group coaching conversation about dating and relationship readiness. There will be freedom to discuss the concerns raised by the group, but some core concepts will be introduced and explored, including understanding how attraction works, projection, limiting beliefs, the importance of vulnerability, and setting personal boundaries.  At the end, you will have the tools to become a “mindful” dater, and take charge of your dating future.

Time for You – Design Your Own Personal Retreat (for women)

There’s no better way to recharge your batteries and gain perspective on your life than to retreat. In fact, to be healthy and happy it’s necessary to take time to leave behind the world of “doing”  to spend some time reflecting and simply “being”.  There are many ways of creating a retreat, and they don’t need to involve much time or money. In fact, you can have a successful retreat in an hour in your own home, if you understand the framework.  Together, we’ll explore the components of a successful retreat.  You will get the tools you need to design your “ideal retreat”  based on your time, budget, needs, and activities that provide meaning for you.  Please note – this is not a group retreat, it’s a workshop about how to create a personal retreat for yourself.

Divorce with Dignity

A Workshop Package for People Experiencing Divorce


Sue Williams Brawn, B.A, Personal Development Coach

Andrea Andersen, MA, CFP, Financial Divorce Specialist

Martina Payette, B.A., Career Confidence Coach

This package consists of  four 1.5 hour workshops designed to address the most common stressors and concerns  faced when going through the process of separation and divorce. It gives divorce clients the tools they need to move through and forward from the divorce process with dignity and confidence.

Workshop 1 – Divorce with Dignity -Don’t just Survive, Thrive! – Sue Williams Brawn

Workshop 2 – Avoiding a Financial Crisis During Divorce – Andrea Andersen

Workshop 3 – Relationship Readiness  – Dating after Divorce – Sue Williams Brawn

Workshop 4 – Career Confidence after Divorce – Martina Payette